High-Risk Faith

Right now I’m currently reading a book titled “Seizing Your Divine Moment”” by Erwin McManus. This truly is one of those books that changes how you view certain things. It’s a book that has really challenged me to not only be a better follower of Christ, but to assess the kind of walk I’m walking with Christ.

One of the earlier chapters in the book talks about uncertainty. Right now, our culture, our country, our world, faces some of the most uncertain times in recent history. Things have happened over the last few years that have led to lifestyles that are calculated, slightly more conservative, and overall a little more conscious of what is going on around them. With that, we’ve shifted from being people who are willing to take risks, to people who play it safe. In many ways, the challenging times we’ve faced have made us better. They’ve taught us how to live frugally. They’ve forced us to get better at what we do. They’ve pushed us to value the important things in life. However, I believe the difficult times we’ve faced have also influenced our faith in God.

Our lifestyles, our culture, whatever you want to call it, influence just about everything around us. Unfortunately, our success and achievements as Americans have infiltrated our faith in Christ. We’ve reached a place where many people now believe that provision precedes vision. We’ve come to believe if God wants us to do something, everything will be provided in order for it to happen. These things are due to the success (primarily financially) and abundance of resources we’ve had over time. Because of this, we have struggled to grasp High-Risk Faith.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the need for us to be responsible and conscientious of financial stability. We need to make sure our families are taken care of. I absolutely believe that there is a level of responsibility that is being taken by many that wasn’t before we faced the economic changes in our country. The danger in all of this is that we can reach a point where our mindset can change from God-driven, to Me-driven. We can rely on our own abilities to0 heavily and discount the power of God.

It’s becoming clear to me during the last month or so that there are some amazing things that God wants to do, especially when our backs are against the wall in the ways they are now. It’s almost like He waits for the most uncharacteristic time, a time when we have no option and things don’t make sense. Sometimes I think God tells us, “If there’s no risk involved, how do you depend on me?”, because when it comes down to it, we need to depend on God for everything.  That means there’s risk involved in following His direction for our lives.

Erwin McManus states it best when he says:

When you move with God, He always shows up. It’s just difficult to predict what He will do or how He will do it. If you wait for guarantees, the only thing that will be guaranteed is that you will miss endless divine opportunities–that you can know for certain.”

High-Risk faith flies in the face of many things we’ve been trained to believe. It’s not always planned out. It’s not always the safe bet. There isn’t always an end we can see. However, God wants us to trust Him. He wants us to rely on Him. I don’t know what’s in store for each of us as we pursue Christ’s direction for our lives with high-risk faith, but I can tell you that divine opportunities are available for each of us, and when we agree to walk in the “danger zone” with Christ, amazing things can happen.

So my question for you is, will you join me in a place that is scary, uncertain, dangerous, and yet possibly more rewarding than anything else?


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