The Top 5 Reasons to go to Coram Deo – #1

Reason #1

Encountering God

It really wasn’t all that difficult coming up with the #1 reason to attend Coram Deo. We can say what we want about why we got to Coram but the purpose of the camp every year is that you would have a genuine encounter with God and be “face to face” with Him.

Encountering God is evident every time we worship at camp. It’s seen every time we offer a chance for students to pray at the altar. During the services and prayer times it’s obvious that students are encountering Christ. There’s often times a lot of passion and desire involved in it. But it’s during the other times of camp that it can be especially exciting. Seeing students ask questions and decide to go a little deeper than normal in a RAP group, hearing students talk about how they got caught up in God’s glory when they were river rafting, or learning that when students went back to their tents at night they had long and real conversations about God…those are the things that happen that we don’t always notice as encounters with God.

Camp is beautiful like that. It takes us out of our element. It provides us with an outlet from the world around us. And in doing so, it gives us a chance to be with God, often times in ways we don’t expect. I’ve encountered God in many different ways at camp. I’ve found the God who gives me peace, who inspires me, who gives me hope for the future, who provides me with wisdom. God does so many different things for us when we allow Him to work in our lives at camp. For many, they think they know what they need going into camp, as if they have put God in this box and expect him to help them in the one way they feel they need. But for so many that go to Coram, God will often show you something else and speak to you in a way you weren’t expecting.

Camp is great for so many reasons. We have great events. We spend time with friends and make new ones. We get to be a part of great services and RAP groups. We make memories that can last forever. But most importantly, we encounter God at Coram Deo. This year will be no different. Are you ready?


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