Top 5 Reasons to go to Coram Deo – #2

Reason #2

Services/RAP Groups

With only the top 2 reasons to go to Coram Deo left, we’ve reached what I believe to be the two most important reasons to attend Coram Deo. Everything that I’ve mentioned up to this point is important and can be influential in your life, however, reason #2 is most commonly the thing that sets the table for the #1 reason (which will be listed tonight).

One of the constants of Coram Deo is having great RAP sessions, great worship, great messages, and great dramas. Every year we have a camp theme (see above graphic).  Throughout camp, the RAP sessions, the messages and the drama are designed to work with that theme. It’s been great to see how everything works within that when we get to camp. I mentioned earlier the four main things that make this reason #2 (RAP groups, worship, messages, drama).

Without a doubt, RAP groups are one of my favorite things to lead every year at Coram. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing and hearing middle school students start to dig in and answer and ask questions that make them really think. I love seeing the gears start to turn and seeing students figure out how they can either go deeper in their relationship with Christ or start one all together. I’m also a fan of the relationships and ownership that is developed within each RAP group. It’s pretty cool seeing all the creativity that goes into each rap group’s ID…bandannas, bracelets, sweatbands, pirate hats, whatever else you can think of. RAP groups are definitely one of the best parts of Coram Deo and play a huge part in not only the effectiveness of Coram, but the fun factor as well!

It goes without saying that anytime you have a large crowd of students, worship is going to be a blast. I’m pretty sure I could play the tambourine and try to lead in worship at Coram and students would still enjoy it…OK that might be a stretch. The point is that worship at Coram is incredibly passionate. It’s contagious at camp. It’s easily one of the things that students look forward to most when it comes to camp, and why not? Bring a great worship team together with students that are excited to worship and you’re going to have an incredible worship experience with God. In my previous entry I mentioned how one of my favorite memories was when we had to turn off the amplified noise and everyone worshiped without being able to hear the worship leader…just talking about this gets me excited for worship!

The messages that are given at Coram are always challenging, practical, engaging, and real. It’s very easy to lose the attention of students at a camp…there’s plenty of distractions around them but this doesn’t seem to happen at camp. The messages always draw students closer to God and further bring the camp theme into focus. I don’t think there needs to be much explaining about this…If you’re not challenged/excited/fired up/ready to rock and roll with God, after a camp message, you either didn’t pay attention or you didn’t care.

The final thing that makes up reason #2 to go to Coram Deo is the dramas. Every year at camp we do dramas that tell a story that has to do with the camp theme (it’s a safe bet that this year’s drama will be based around Engaging the enemy). I would be lying to you if I said that the students possibly didn’t pay attention most during this time. I remember being a student and seeing my friends in dramas. There’s something about seeing people you know perform in front of you, that draws you in, more than seeing people you don’t know. From a spectators standpoint its great to see students step out of a comfort zone and allow God to use them to portray a story that expresses God in someway or fashion. There’s hilarious moments, serious moments and emotional moments. They’ve put car shells on the stage. They’ve fought each other before. And this year, they will do something we’ve never seen before at Coram in a drama…but you’ll have to wait and see it 😉

I personally love the RAP groups and services. I may be biased because I’m a pastor, but I believe these are some of the most important ways we help lead students to time with Christ at camp. Maybe the services have impacted your life as well. If so, I hope you make it to Coram this year so that God can meet you “Face to Face” once again.


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