The Top 5 Reason’s to go to Coram Deo – #5


The Events/Games/Ridiculous Things We Do

In making this list, I came up with many different things that could fit in the Top 5. I thought long and hard and put it before the expert panel (my whiteboard) and eventually after much delegation (10 minutes) I came to a conclusion for the Top 5. If there was a Top 10, I’d have have a much easier time (it would have only taken 8 minutes), however, that did not happen, as there are not enough days before we leave for Coram. I will be providing a reason each day leading up to the glorious time that we leave for beautiful Daroga State Park…yes, you may have done the math, and you could be asking yourself, “Dustin, there’s only 4 days till we leave”…lucky for you, Sunday night, in a day of epic proportion, I will be providing not only the #2 reason, but the #1 REASON AS WELL!!! Yes!! So without further adieu, I give you Reason #5: The Events/Games/Ridiculous Things We Do

If you’ve ever been to Coram Deo you know that there are many different things that make the camp special. One of the best things that Coram offers is a chance for you to do things that you can’t do in your local neighborhood. Could I see a raise of hands for how many people have had a cul-de-sac oatmeal war? Not many. But at Coram we get the chance to shove ridiculous amounts of refreshing oatmeal in others faces, hair, and mouth’s. To the common person, this probably sounds ridiculous…and the truth is, it is…but that’s part of Coram! And the best part of the Oatmeal War is the fact that you’ll be picking crusty oatmeal out of your ears, hair, eye lashes and wherever else, for the rest of the day!

Last year I got to drive Sara around a couple times on a jet ski. Before we went out she told me, “Don’t throw me off”. So the first time out I took it pretty easy, not doing anything that might cause her to magically fly off the jet ski. When we returned to shore, I was very proud of my ability to not launch her off the jet ski. As we got off the jet ski, one of the leaders who was pulling us in asked how it went. I still remember the first few words out of Sara’s mouth…“He drove like a grandma!”. Now, you can understand my disbelief when I heard these words. “A grandma?!?! Doesn’t she remember telling me not to throw her off?? Plus, I’m pretty sure the kind of GRANDMA she’s talking about wouldn’t even be able to get on a jet ski, let alone drive one!!” To bring aΒ  long story to a close, it’s safe to say the next day we went out, she was not telling people I drove like a grandma. That’s one of the many great things we get to do at the waterfront. You wanna tube? We got it. Wanna wake board or water ski? we got it. Wanna cruise along the lake? you can do that too. The waterfront is our little oasis away from the crazy heat that Wenatchee offers us.

Every year,Β  going down the river is a highlight for students. We’ve done it in rafts. We’ve done it in tubes. I hear we’re doing it on the back of dolphins this year. Regardless, it’s an event that gives us exactly what we need. WATER. A couple years ago I got to steer a raft for a group of girls from our church. Now, being the avid river rafting guide that I am, I knew there wouldn’t be any problems with it. The only problem was that I had never guided a raft down a river before. The trip started off great…we hit a tree within the first 50 yards. I still remember thinking, “I hope these girls said goodbye to their loved ones before they left for camp”. Needless to say, it was a great trip down and I’ll never forget the time I got to “lead” the girls down the river…and they were all accounted for (I think).

We’ve gone rock climbing. We go to a water slide park. We do different challenges throughout camp. There are so many different games/events/ridiculous things that we do. One thing I can guarantee you is that you won’t get bored at Coram. I love hearing stories from students about what happened on the river, or how high someone flew off the inner tube while on the lake, or how they still have oatmeal stuck in their ears. These events are as much a part of Coram Deo as anything and that’s why it’s #5 on the list. Check back tomorrow for #4!


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